Avgoustos – Nikos Papazoglou

Nikos Papazoglou sings Avgoustos, a Greek song which means August; it’s probably one of these songs that get us every single time we hear it, on the radio, at a cafe, in a concert, online, anywhere. It’s a love song, a tender and very affectionate song reflecting true love, the love that doesn’t stop at any barriers and obstacles. This song is a small diamond of the Greek Music…

It is weird, but we all get to a point that we love someone but have no voice to say it; as if it’s wrong, bad, humiliating. Nevertheless, we feel trapped in our own feelings, which pulse and press us always. “I will go even if it is for the bad”; this phrase is the verse that stays in our hearts from this song, as the saying and confirmation of love that cannot be denied and has to fight for its existence. When you feel something about someone, you owe it to yourself -first of all – to explore it and let it live. Feelings are to be respected, because they are tender and warm, despite everything, even if the way seems pathless at first. The truth is though that if you don’t let something live, you can never know what you have missed, what dream you have betrayed. Let it be always like this – going… even if it is for the bad…

Music: Nikos Papazoglou
Lyrics: Nikos Papazoglou
Performed by: Nikos Papazoglou


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  1. Funny, I was just looking for this song – which i haven’t heard in a long, long time – and it was posted online yesterday. While, sadly, i’m not fluent in greek, i’ve always loved and appreciated this song.


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