Den eimai ego – Giannis Parios

Giannis Parios sings “Den eimai ego” a Greek song which translates to “It’s not me” in English.

Giannis Parios himself wrote the lyrics and music for the song den eimai ego, which was included in his 1999 album “Dose mou ligaki ourano”.

Den eimai ego is a song about the repercussions of a break up; once, a man can be the cornerstone of a woman’s thoughts, beliefs, feelings, decisions… but when breaking up, it’s not about him anymore. There will be someone else who will be affecting her mind and heart.

This is painful and sometimes depressing to consider, especially if you have not fallen out of love for that person. It’s hard to accept that the most important person in a woman’s life is not you.

“Who tells you I love you every night? It’s not me”, sings Parios in a really heart breaking way.

Giannis Parios is definitely the Greek singer of love; whether it’s romantic love, or a song about breaking up and living alone, Parios has always been the one to look for since the sensitivity of his voice and performance is unique.

Den eimai ego 

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