Ta dachtyla – Giannis Parios

Giannis Parios sings Ta dachtyla, a Greek song which translates to “The fingers” in English. The song is also known with the title To diko sou amartima ( Your Sin, in English). Ta dachtyla is a song written and composed … Read more

Happy Nameday to Giannis Parios

Happy Nameday to Giannis Parios, the Greek singer of love! Giannis Parios celebrates his nameday on January 7th, since it is the day of Agios Ioannis (St John) in Greece. You can read here more about name Giannis. Giannis Parios … Read more

Den eimai ego – Giannis Parios

Giannis Parios sings “Den eimai ego” a Greek song which translates to “It’s not me” in English. Giannis Parios himself wrote the lyrics and music for the song den eimai ego, which was included in his 1999 album “Dose mou … Read more

Giannis Parios Tour in Australia 2011

After 22 years of absence, Giannis Parios returns to Australia for a tour in November 2011. Parios will be giving concerts in the major cities of Australia along with his son Haris Varthakouris. The singer of love is setting off … Read more

Giannis Parios

Giannis Parios is the singer of love and one of the most beloved and popular singers in Greek music. Giannis Parios appeared in music in 1969 but few people would have guessed that this voice would be associated with some … Read more

Poios na sygkrithei mazi sou – Giannis Parios

Giannis Parios sings Poios na sygkrithei mazi sou, a Greek love song which translates to “Who can be compared to you” in English The song Poios na sygkrithei mazi sou has a notion of something absolute, which is really touching. Love can … Read more

Pio kali i monaksia – Giannis Parios

Giannis Parios sings Pio kali i monaksia, a Greek song which translates to “Loneliness is better”. The song Pio kali i monaksia is composed by Haris Varthakouris, the oldest son of Giannis Parios – we remind you that Parios is … Read more

Matia mple – Giannis Parios

Giannis Parios sings Matia mple, a Greek song which translates to “Blue Eyes” in English. Matia mple is one of the most popular songs sung by Parios, the singer of love, who managed to touch and move the hearts and … Read more

Simvivasmous den kano – Giannis Parios

Giannis Parios sings Simvivasmous den kano, one of the most known songs composed by Pythagoras, which translates to “I don’t make any compromises”. We chose to publish this song on January 7, the name day of Giannis and Gianna, to … Read more

Sala Sala – Giannis Parios

Sala Sala, sung here by Giannis Parios, is Greek song belonging to the genre of folk songs. The song can be translated as “In the living room” since this is the translation of the word Sala, but this interpretation is … Read more

Ela na pame se ena meros – Giannis Parios

Giannis Parios sings Ela na pame se ena meros, a traditional Greek song from the islands, which translates to “Come let’s go to a place”. The rhythm in this nisiotika (Greek islands’) song is fast and catchy, worth dancing and … Read more

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