Den Eisai Edo – Dimitra Galani

Dimitra Galani sings “Den eisai edo“, a powerful Greek song which means “You are not here”.

Even if you don’t speak any Greek you know from the very beginning what this song is about. Suggestive and probing Dimitra’s voice coupled with the imposing music of Korkolis in the song, tells it right away – “You Are Not Here”.

This song is a graphic farewell to lost love, an intimate, immediate rebel against being “left back” at the moment “when I had let my self to you”. Is there any more vulnerable moment? Dimitra will assure you that there is not.

However “the voice was trembling” at the moment of separation, in “Den eisai edo”, a persuasive homage to the loss of love, Dimitra’s voice doesn’t tremble at all. Like it never does.

Den Eisai Edo 

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