Enas erotas megalos – Litsa Diamanti, Makis Christodoulopoulos

Litsa Diamanti and Makis Christodoulopoulos sing “Enas erotas megalos” , a Greek song which translates to “A big love affair”.

Enas erotas megalos is a very famous laiko song, one of the songs that you will see many people singing and dancing in live music stages and clubs.

The duet of Litsa Diamanti and Makis Christodoulopoulos worked on this song that was included in Diamanti’s album released in 1991, and made a blast with it, since Edo yparhei enas erotas megalos became something of a “hymn” for the inlove ones, but also for the ones who were not able to admit their feelings and were somewhat distant from their love interest.

The truth is that it’s kind of an addictive song – it grows on you, even if you don’t like it at first. Once you hear it a few times, you will find yourself singing it, because it speaks the truth of people in love: when there is a big love affair involved, everything else is actually not important, and there is no room for details, for blaming the other on small and unimportant things.

Enas erotas megalos has been performed by numerous duets since then, although the most popular version is still the original one, since both Diamanti and Christodoulopoulos were ideal choices for such a laiko song that expresses the so called “kapsoura” (burning love flame) in Greek.

Enas erotas megalos 

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