Everything – Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi decided to participate in 2006 in the Eurovision song contest that took place in Athens with a love song with English Lyrics, a rock ballad called Everything,written by Anna Vissi and composed by Nikos Karvelas.

Everything is a song about a lost love, the need for the person we love and lose. Doesn’t it always feel as if we hear our heart breaking when we see the person we love leaving away from us? We feel the tears burning like fire, and we have to accept a reality we don’t want, because we are still in love with.. everything we hate, everything we love, everything on that person whether we like it or not ..  who said that being in love is about liking everything? Love can be quite blinding, but also quite realistic. We fall in love with someone and all his weaknesses, all his advantages.. but above all we know we fall in love when life feels nothing without that particular one.

Anna Vissi managed to sing a difficult song in a very dramatic way – even if we don’t all like the song that much, we cannot help it but admire the strength of the performance and Anna’s passion.


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