End credits for Anna Vissi reality show

End credits for Anna’s Vissi reality show “Oso echo foni” fell a few days ago  and the TV climate in the finale of the show was as emotional, just as it should, but also as befits to a reality program that respects itself! We remind you that … Read more

Happy Nameday to Anna Vissi

Happy Nameday to Anna Vissi! Anna is definitely one of the most popular and beloved Greek singers, counting 30 years in Greek music. On December 9th, Anna celebrates her nameday, since according to the Greek Orthodox Calendar it is the … Read more

Reality show with Anna Vissi

A new reality show with Anna Vissi is hosted in Greek TV these days; it is called “Oso eho foni” (As long as I have a voice) and reveals us the life of the famous Greek singer Anna Vissi. Oso … Read more

Leap of Faith – Anna Vissi ft Dave Stewart

Anna Vissi features Dave Stewart in the song Leap of Faith, a new song which marks the collaboration of Anna with a legend of the British and international music. Leap of faith is a love ballad, a rock ballad written … Read more

Anna Vissi at the Balkan Awards 2010

Anna Vissi is nominated for two awards at the Balkan awards 2010, which will be held in Sofia on May 16, 2010. Anna Vissi has already been distinguished with the award for Exceptional Contribution by Balkanika Music Television, and will … Read more

Agia nyhta – Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi sings Agia Nyhta, a Greek Christmas song meaning Holy Night. Agia Nyhta is one of the most classic songs for Christmas, and definitely one of the most beloved ones for the Greeks and people all over the world, … Read more

I’m fabulous – Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi sings the song I’m fabulous, a Greek song in both English and Greek lyrics; Anna has released recently a new album with songs featuring lyrics in both languages, since she is working with various composers and  lyrics writers, … Read more

To ksero tha rtheis ksana – Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi sings To ksero tha rtheis ksana, a tender love song translated to “I know you will come again”. If you hear this song it will definitely remind you of something. It is the Greek version of the song … Read more

Everything – Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi decided to participate in 2006 in the Eurovision song contest that took place in Athens with a love song with English Lyrics, a rock ballad called Everything,written by Anna Vissi and composed by Nikos Karvelas. Everything is a … Read more

Dodeka – Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi sings Dodeka, a legendary Greek song which in English means “12 o’clock” refering to Midnight. Just say “dodeka” somewhere in Greece and you will hear as an echo “not even one phone call”. Nobody will look at you … Read more

Den Thelo Na Ksereis – Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi sings “Den Thelo Na Ksereis” , a Greek song which  in English means  “I Don’t Want You to Know”. It is maybe one of the heaviest yet most wonderful Greek song about love, loss and – love, again! … Read more

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