Fila me akoma – Panos Mouzourakis & Kostis Maravegias

Panos Mouzourakis & Kostis Maravegias sing Fila me akoma, a Greek song which translates to “Kiss me more”  in English.

Fila me akoma is a truly amazing love song that stole our heart right upon release, and it is the Greek adaptation of the song Baciami Ancora by Jovanotti.

The Greek lyrics of fila me akoma are written by the two Greek artists Mouzourakis and Maravegias, while the music composition belongs to Jovanotti.

The song is included in the latest album released by Panos Mouzourakis and was heard in the TV show “4”.

It is one of the most tender and loving songs we have heard recently. It makes our mind travel, it is optimistic, affectionate, romantic and expresses love and passion in the most deep and sincere way.

Kiss me more, kiss me more, I want to be with you, to chase with you all the waves of fate , are some of the lyrics….

Fila me akoma is a truly great song, and a very funny and interesting video clip. Definitely one of our favorite Greek songs by Panos Mouzourakis and Kostis Maravegias, two of the most promising young singers in Greek music!

Fila me akoma 

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