Filakas Aggelos – Giannis Kotsiras

Giannis Kotsiras sings Filakas Aggelos, a lovely Greek song that means Guardian Angel in English.

Filakas Aggelos is a very tender song, dedicated to those people who believe that love never dies, even after a break up. And the truth is that we all want to believe that real love is always around and can spread its guarding wings and save us from any moment of despair and sadness.

The guardian angel of our life can only be someone who has loved us and shared parts of our life, happy and sad moments, a person who understands and knows our needs the best. when you ask for your ma, I will be there, your guardian tender and loving words, words we would all like to hear one day.

Lyrics: Eleni Zioga
Music: Antonis Mitzelos
Performed by: Giannis Kotsiras



Filakas Aggelos 

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  1. telio song…!! agapo kotsira kai filaka aggelo…!! afieromeno sto latremeno m agori (ARI) pou tn agapo poli kai m afise gia kapian alli. moro m agapose


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