File – Giannis Ploutarchos

File is the title of the Greek song performed by Giannis Ploutarchos. It translates to “My friend” in English.

File is a love song, the typical type of songs that Ploutarchos sings with his melodious and sentimental voice. In the case of a break up everyone wants to talk with his friend, discuss about the problem, find compassion, empathy and everything that a friend can offer during difficult times.

Our friends usually know everything about us; they know how we really feel for the people we love, and thus, can advise us better on our problems. Sometimes they can provide us with the best possible solutions because they are in a cooler state of mind; but most of the times when breaking up, we don’t need advice or solutions. We just need a friendly look, warm words, someone to tell us he understands how we feel. That can be the most important thing in the world at that time.

File is a song about the love that is not gone: “my friend, you know she was my life , my tear and my breath”.. but above all it is a song about the ultimate relationship – friendship.



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