File – Giannis Ploutarchos

File is the title of the Greek song performed by Giannis Ploutarchos. It translates to “My friend” in English. File is a love song, the typical type of songs that Ploutarchos sings with his melodious and sentimental voice. In the … Read more

Me mia matia – Giannis Ploutarchos, Al Bano

Giannis Ploutarchos sings the song “Me mia matia”, which translates to “With one glance” in English. Me mia matia is the Greek version of the song Felicita by Al Bano, who actually participates in this version as well, singing along … Read more

Ah Koritsi mou – Giannis Ploutarchos

Giannis Ploutarchos sings Ah koritsi mou, a love song which means Ah my girl. This is a Greek song that has been quite popular since it was released a few years ago, sung by Giannis Ploutarchos, who has associated his … Read more

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