Fotovolida – Orfeas Peridis

Orfeas Peridis sings Fotovolida, a Greek song which means “a flare”. It is a lovely love song released almost 15 years ago and made an impact with the tenderness and sweetness of its lyrics. Fotovolida is a song for souls in love that see the world differently because of love and the rejuvenation it brings.

Fotovolida emphasizes more on a particular verse, which is a great truth as well; ” All things are the same if you don’t love them” it reminds something of the Little Prince: if you don’t love something it can never be that beautiful.

It is the same with love; we usually see the world prettier and better because love comes to remind us that everything is more beautiful around us. Love explodes like a flare and illuminates everything, allowing us to see things in a completely different way.


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