Gia ena Tango – English Lyrics

The Lyrics of the song Gia Ena Tango by Haris Alexiou translated to English

Music, Lyrics: Haris Alexiou

Gia ena Tango – Haris Alexiou – English Lyrics

I would give up all my money for a Tango dance
and a touch of yours underneath the table
I would look around me with apathy
your hand caressing my naked throat

I would give up all my money for a night
for romantic figurines on the dance floor
seeing everybody moving away from the fire
that our bodies will produce at prima vista

I would give up all my money for a damage
which will make you lose your logic
our lives need craziness and tastefulness
if you wanted to find yourself at the paradise gates

One woman One man and One God
one romantic God aiming at us
while i kiss you under candlelight
and take from you whatever is forbidden in my mind

Gia ena Tango 

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