Giannis Parios Tour in Australia 2011

After 22 years of absence, Giannis Parios returns to Australia for a tour in November 2011. Parios will be giving concerts in the major cities of Australia along with his son Haris Varthakouris.

The singer of love is setting off to Australia where he will give five concerts to the Greek expats, who are expecting him with great anticipation, since he has not been there for two decades.

After the end of the tour to Australia, Parios will return to Athens and will again leave for Thessaloniki, where he will start his live performances from the end of November to early March 2012.

It is the first time that Parios will sing abroad with his son.

Yiannis Parios concerts in 2011Dates for Parios Tour in Australia

Darwin: Saturday 29 October

Melbourne: Monday 31 October

Sydney: Friday 4 November

Adelaide:  Saturday 5 November

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