Greece came 8th in Eurovision 2010

Giorgos Alkaios and Greece came 8th in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. Greece participated in the Eurovision contest with Giorgos Alkaios and the song OPA, gathering 140 points in total.

The winner of the 2010 Eurovision contest was Germany with the song Satellite sung by the young Lena.

The song OPA managed to attract attention and the audience in the Telenor Arena was pretty enthusiastic about the song and the energy communicated by Giorgos Alkaios and Friends.

The song was presented with some slight differences compared to the semi-final, with a different touch at the musical bridge – pyros coming out from the drums instead of lights. The result was impressive and the reactions really agog.

The 8th position of Greece and song OPA  is considered pretty satisfactory given the competition, although it could be even little higher. Next stop is Berlin 2011!

In the video featured, you can watch the Greek song OPA as it was presented in the final of the Eurovision Contest.

alkaios opa eurovision final

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  1. So Lena won the Eurovision Song Contest, but I saw her scratching her head. Was this because she could not understand “imperialist” English? 🙂

    Can I ask anyone who supports the cultural identities of individual nations in the Eurovision Song Contest to vote here:

    The rules should also be changed to enable the introduction of the international language Esperanto. The use of Esperanto is forbidden at the moment.


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