Opa – Giorgos Alkaios and Friends

Giorgos Alkaios and Friends sing Opa, a Greek song with a distinctive Greek title, which is going to represent Greece to the Eurovision song Contest in Oslo in late May 2010.

Opa is a word that cannot be translated; it’s a sound known in the Balkan countries, although for different reasons. Opa in Greece is an exclamatory word used to express surprise or fun and “kefi”, that is why it is usually said when dancing. The song Opa uses this word because it is quite popular and recognizable by Europeans.

Opa is based on Pontic Music with a modern and contemporary touch; the sound of Pontic Lyra is very pronounced and the rhythm follows the usual rhythm of the Pontic songs. It’s a catchy song and sound, and thus, since it uses the Balkan and Eastern European sound a lot, it could go well in this European Contest. Good luck Opa !

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