Hatzigiannis and Makrypoulia make their first official appearance

Michalis Hatzigiannis and Zeta Makrypoulia made their first official appearance together as a couple, being the central guests of a Christmas event held at the big Dicsount Village of Athens.

Zeta presented the event which was attended by many people of all ages, and Michalis undertook the entertainment of the attendants. In fact, Zeta was the one to announce the entrance of Michalis at the beginning of of the artistic part.

The central guests could not avoid to monopolize the interest the public and the journalists, who, however, failed to get the word on the rumored planned wedding in Cyprus.

The two artists chose to give just good wishes to the people around them but also to outline their feelings about the upcoming celebration of Christmas.

According a publication of the Cypriot journal “Beautiful People”, Zeta wears constantly on her hand an expensive ring and does not ever removes it from her hand, a sign that there might be an engagement between her and of Michalis Hatzigiannis. In fact, rumors are talking about a secret engagement in Cyprus, away from the glare of publicity.

Moreover, the ring is not one of those that she wore when presenting Dancing with the Stars, as they are very different and the hostess does not remove it ever..

To avoid any comments, sometimes she turns it inward, so as not to be easily noticed by the others, and become the subject of comments.

Hatzigiannis and Makrypoulia 

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