The love affair of Hatzigiannis and Makrypoulia

The love affair between Michalis Hatzigiannis and Zeta Makrypoulia is alive and kicking! Although both Hatzigiannis and Makrypoulia do not talk about this love affair, their relationship is of great interest for the Greek public.

Recently, during an interview for a Greek magazine, Michalis was asked if he has any plans for their future and if he is engaged to his beloved Zeta Makrypoulia.

“Everything will come at its time”, he said.” And I hope that everything will go well, thank you for your interest” he added. As for Zeta, she refused the rumors for her pregnancy and said that she wants to have kids in the future.

At the same time, numerous pictures from their summer vacations were published in several magazines.

Hatzigiannis Makrypoulia love affair

It seems that Hatzigiannis and Makrypoulia were not able to hide their love while on the beach in the island of Paros where they spent their vacation time. After all, they met on this island for the first time some years ago.

As we read and saw on Hello Magazine, the couple spent a truly loving summer vacation. And although they chose a rather isolated beach to be away from the sight of the other vacationers,  the camera managed to capture some of their love moments.

Hatzigiannis and Makrypoulia in Paros summer 2011

Hatzigiannis and Makrypoulia opened their umbrella, lied on the beach and shared some very romantic moments while enjoying the sea and the sun. And according to the pictures, the happy couple decided to share a very tasty and refreshing slice of watermelon!

Hatzigiannis and Makrypoulia 

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