Horis esena – Efstathia

Efstathia sings Horis Esena, a Greek song which translates to Without you in English.

Horis esena is a song that was released several years ago, when Efstathia participated in the Song Festival of Thessaloniki. Horis esena is an unconventional love song, which speaks the truth about love in a rather unusual but very attractive and intriguing way.

When we first heard it, we were a little shocked, because the lyrics are truly unusual, in a completely different tone than the one we are used to all these years.

There was a poetic exaggeration (my life would be like ham without any fat) which was something new for Greek music. Efstathia’s lyrics indeed brought something new both as a sound and lyric writing, and made her known overnight.

I have to say that I truly like this song, because when heard more than once, it grows on you and makes you see things in a different way, which is both charming and fascinating. Many people hated this song because they found it too eccentric and too atypical, but in any case no one was indifferent towards it.

Horis Esena won the 3rd place in Salonica’s music festival of 2005 and is a love song we are happy to hear. Because it describes how life would be without the one we love… Life has no meaning, without you…

Horis esena 

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