Hronia Polla – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Hronia Polla by Sakis Rouvas translated to English.

Hronia Polla – English lyrics

I have a weird feeling during Christmas holidays
They cause me melancholy
That surrounds your soul
And they keep on asking
These things that hurt

Ornaments, lights, music
Nights so magical
Friends invite me at parties
But I feel sadness
And I miss something

Happy holidays
I’ve been waiting for you to come for years
I’ve been silent all these Christmas
And always snow goes down
Into the heart

New Year’s Day
Come to knock the door
Don’t be late even for a minute
This is going to be my lucky

Couples go out and laugh
And walk hand in hand
Partying ambiance
On the streets, in the city
Everybody is happy

But I wander on my own
Watching windows with no reason
I have no one in my hug
And I tell the star
To bring you here

Hronia Polla 

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