Hronia Polla – Sakis Rouvas

Sakis Rouvas sings Hronia Polla, a Greek song that is also known as “Hristougenna” – which translates to Christmas in English.

This song could easily be considered a love song, however, as many songs in Greek music, it also has some sort of melancholy which becomes optimism and happiness in the end.

The song Hronia Polla begins with a slight disappointment, maybe because we all tend to think everything related to the year that is leaving, our achievements during the past months, and everything that we would like to achieve in the coming months.

The song Hronia polla is a song that leaves us with a sweet expectation and optimism: the lyrics “New Year’s Day is going to be my lucky year” make us believe that this new coming year will be the best. Something nice and loving might be waiting for us.

Sakis Rouvas makes this song sound so tender and sweet…

Hronia Polla 

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