I’m fabulous – Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi sings the song I’m fabulous, a Greek song in both English and Greek lyrics; Anna has released recently a new album with songs featuring lyrics in both languages, since she is working with various composers and  lyrics writers, including foreigners, aiming at a young and multi-ethnic audience.

No one doubts that Anna is fabulous anyway, but her way of singing has always been evident of her great perception of herself and her abilities. This song seems to be the most proper one for Anna, who is singing a song that suits her perfectly. No surprise there of course since Anna wrote the lyrics mostly herself. Time flies and thus living every moment is actually necessary. We all need to look ahead, stop looking back and live our life to the full, because deeply inside us we are all fabulous.

I’m fabulous is a dance song and is expected to make a huge hit this season. Anna Vissi knows how to make a hit anyway.

Lyrics: Anna Vissi
Music: Alex Papaconstantinou

I'm fabulous 

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