Koritsi Prama – Despoina Vandi

Despoina Vandi sings Koritsi Prama, a Greek song which means “A girl thing” in English.

The song Koritsi Prama is written and composed by Foivos, who used all his wittiness to describe the general social status of women in Greece; actually, the phrase Koritsi prama is a commonly used phrase, mostly by elder people who suggest that women are not able or permitted to do some things, because they are…girls.

As funny as it may sound in the 21st century, there are still people in Greece that use this phrase in a rather pejorative and derogatory way, denoting that women should not be doing some things, or should not be having certain attitudes and behaviors, because they are not socially accepted. For instance, men can become doctors and great scientists but women are supposed to find a good – and preferably rich – guy to marry them.

Is this a man’s world, as another famous song suggests? According to Foivos and Vandi, women survive in the society of men thanks to a miracle, even if they are better qualified than men.

The funniest part of the song is the advice given to women..how to behave in order to avoid becoming a “decoration” rather than an individual with opinion and personal attitude and ideas.

Obviously the song Koritsi Prama is a feminist song, and is expected to be adored by women in Greece, and elsewhere!

Koritsi Prama 

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