Koritsi Prama English Lyrics

The lyrics of the song Koritsi Prama by Despoina Vandi translated in English

koritsi prama – lyrics in English

Music, Lyrics: Foivos
Performed by: Despoina Vandi

Since I was kid once
I remember that they asked my dad if he has children
And when he said he has a child and a daughter
Then I realized that Ι would barely pull in life
Because I was female
I don’t wish it for you ,to God
Learn the poem from the beginning
The phalli are in charge

They said to my brother when he was young
When he’ll grow up he’ll become a great scientist
On the other hand when I was young they said to me
To find a good guy to marry me
Because I am female
And I have a low IQ
And when “the god was raining brains”
Unfortunately I was holding an umbrella
(A) girl thing
In the society of men I survive thanks to a miracle
(A) girl thing
In the society of men I survive thanks to a miracle
Eva was made from a side of Adam
And the French say the famous “cherchez la femme”
And the ancient Greeks the “woman fire and sea”
I’m sorry my love if I messed up your dream

Because if you’re born a woman
Your are a victim since your birth
It’s a subject of construction
You are inferior by default
And I got a job in the beach
But you want a career not to be a “flowerpot” for a lifetime
You have to be very careful
So that you don’t spend your career on your knees
Because you are a female
And the boss loves this
Don’t say yes, say maybe

Koritsi Prama 

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