Ma den teliosame – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Ma den teliosame by Antonis Remos translated to English

Ma den teliosame – English lyrics

I’m looking at old photos
Our little stories
Smiles that got wrapped in paper
I’m reading cards, letters of yours
And post-it notes on the fridge
And I gain life from whatever reminds me of you

But we’re not over
It can’t be I tell you, we’re not over
We just froze time for a while
That’s what I remember, that’s what you said before getting lost
And you swore it to me
But now you’ve disappeared from my life
You were never convinced of my love
But we’re not over yet

I’m writing songs that hurt
And from my eyes are falling
Two storms of tears asking for you
And when the night turns to dawn
I’m scared if you’re not alone
And if other lips kiss you “good morning”

But I endure even if I become wasted
Be patient my hurt heart
But I endure I’m telling you, even if I’m throwing about and crying
She will come to my hug one day…

Ma den teliosame 

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