Ma den teliosame – Antonis Remos

Antonis Remos sings “Ma den teliosame“, a Greek song which translates to “We are not over” in English.

Ma den teliosame is one of the most popular songs in Greek music, released several years ago; however, it is still considered one of the best songs by Antonis Remos, since it expresses the pain of the loss of love in the most characteristic way. It is a song about our denial, the non acceptance of the end.

But we’re not over
It can’t be I tell you, we’re not over
We just froze time for a while,

sings Antonis Remos, reminding us all how it feels to break up despite your efforts, needs and desires.

We all tend to believe that this break up cannot be the end, and that the person we love will eventually come back to our life to continue what is temporarily “frozen”.

The song is a modern laiko song, but in this version that we present here it is completely different. It is a new version created by the music band Onirama and it sounds really interesting, because it gives the song a totally new feeling and sound.

Ma den teliosame is a song composed and written by Giorgos Theofanous.

Ma den teliosame 

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