Maria Maraki Mario – Stelios Rokkos

Stelios Rokkos sings Maria, Maraki, Mario, a Greek song that refers to a Maria, the beloved Maria of his heart.

Since it’s August 15th, the most important summer feast for the Greeks and all women named Maria celebrate their nameday on this day, this is a song dedicated to them. Maria, Maraki, Mario…

I want you so much, every day that goes by. Simple words and very real, words that every person in love can say when living apart (even for a while) from his beloved person. Love is always expressed in the same way “I’m writing to you songs, I’m sending you flowers”, little things we all do when we are inlove, like little children happy and dedicated to their games.

In love things can be simple sometimes: “For you I exist, I live”. This is the greatest truth one can say or hear in a relationship, and it’s the sweetest desire.

Stelios Rokkos sings the song for his Maria in a very sweet way.

Music:  Stelios Rokkos
Lyrics: Stelios Rokkos
Performed by:Stelios Rokkos

Maria Maraki Mario 

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