Mikri patrida – Pantelis Theoharidis

Pantelis Theoharidis sings Mikri Patrida, a beloved Greek Song which means “Small motherland” in English.  This is a love song, a song for deprivation, absence and incompleteness, but also the ultimate love that turns a sentiment, a person and a feeling unto a small motherland.

How many times can someone say these words to a person: ” My longest journey (it) was you
(you were) the night, the dream of the day, my land, my breath and air”. Compelling and overwhelming words, that can be completely shattering and sensational when uttered. This is a song full of contrasts; it starts with negations “I haven’t traveled far”, depicting the deficiency of a person who did manage, though, to get to his destination, to find his soul and his love, his motherland to one person.

The song Mikri Patrida is a lovely, emotional and gripping song, written by Paraskevas Karasoulos and Giorgos Andreou. We listen to it here in its original version, sung by Pantelis Theoharidis. Mikri Patrida has been sung by other major singers in Greece, such as Giorgos Dalaras, Christos Thivaios and Haris Alexiou.

Lyrics: Paraskevas Karasoulos
Music: Giorgos Andreou
Performed by: Pantelis Theoharidis
Other performances: Giorgos Dalaras and Christos Thivaios, Haris Alexiou, Vassilis Papakonstantinou

Mikri Patrida 

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