Na m’agapas – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Na m’agapas by Pavlos Sidiropoulos translated to English

Na m’agapas – English Lyrics

I am writing to you again because I’m in need
at five o’clock in the morning
the only thing that remains
standing in the world, is you.

What good are their honors
the words of those acts
in the screen of my mind
(they are) dead paper idols.

Love me, as much as you can, love me
Looking into the mirror
I see a familiar face
whose ugliness might go away
once I wash and shave

The breath stinks from the cigarettes
my brain is being overencumberred (worn out) from many thoughts
on the wall there is some Mona Liza
who brings you even closer

Love me, as much as you can, love me
Although this letter is nearing its end
my need does not stop
like the bird on a wire
like an outlaw on the loose

I want you to come and enlighten me,
to tell me the fairytale,
to hug me like mother earth
like a white light to return..


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