Na m’agapas – Pavlos Sidiropoulos

Pavlos Sidiropoulos sings Na m’agapas, a Greek song which means “Love me”. Both the song and Sidiropoulos are legendary themes for Greeks, especially for younger generations that are attracted by the sensitivity of the song and the story of the “gone too early” singer.

“Love me” could be the simplest and hardest words to utter! A cry or whisper! An invitation or a verdict! It can be whatever and whenever. Thomopoulos, who wrote the lyrics for this song and let them danced on the strings, talks about love as a need, a salvation: “The only thing that remains standing in this world is you”.

“Love me as much as you can”, begs for love, for compassion, for understanding, for hope. The cry could calm tormented hearts and lost souls but could also strengthen those hearts that pulse in the rhythm of happiness. It tell us not to take it for granted. We never know what bottom in life we can hit and when we will need “to tell me the fairytale, to hug me like mother Earth”.

Music: Andreas Thomopoulos
Lyrics: Andreas Thomopoulos
Performed by: Pavlos Sidiropoulos


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  1. Dear reader,

    This summer we will play on Karpathos and now we want to learn a Greek song. We fell in love with this song immediately, but there’s one problem… We’re from Holland and can’t read the Greek alphabet…
    I am wondering if you or anybody can write it down phonetically… I hope you can help me.

    Judith Kamminga

  2. Hi,
    I’m looking for English and Greek lyrics for ’69, by Pavlos Sidiropoulos. Could you help? I’d really appreciate it. Helpful site by the way. I found another song I was looking for! 🙂


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