A different Nana Mouskouri

We all know Nana Mouskouri; we know that she is one of the most important and popular Greek singers in Europe. We also know Benny Hill, one of the most beloved and funny British comedians. How about Nana Mouskouri and Benny Hill “two in one”?

Benny Hill is known for his impersonations, and of course Nana Mouskouri would not make an exception. Benny Hill is singing dressed as Nana Mouskouri and Demis Roussos, in one of the most successful sketches he has ever played in. And believe us, you will never be able to watch Nana Mouskouri again, without bringing to your memory these scenes.

There is a small series of funny sketches involving Greek songs, such as the mix of Never on Sunday and Greek Zorba by the Muppet Show. This shows that Greek music is quite popular in Europe and abroad – and as it usually happens, we, people, like making fun of the things we like and are very popular.

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