Never on Sunday – The Muppet Show

We all know the song Never on Sunday, originally sang by Melina Mercouri and then by Connie Francis and other major singers in Greece and abroad. The song was so popular and so distinctive of the Greek music and spirit that it was incorporated in the famous Muppet Show.

In this case, Miss Piggy sings Never on Sunday (from the homonym movie by Jules Dassin) for the opening scene in episode 309 of The Muppet Show.

It is not a parody of the song, as many would think, since the English lyrics of the song are followed as they are. There are many funny moments in the video, as you can see, since the Muppet Show has chosen to make fun of the Greek way of having fun – nothing offensive there though, since everything is seen under a humorous sense.

What is most hilarious is the mixture of Never on Sunday with the sirtaki dance from Zorba the Greek, with a group of pigs dressed like Greeks dancing sirtaki and shouting Greek words for food, such as tzatziki, retsina, baklava and more. Of course the Greek bouzouki is there, as well as the funny and famous plate smashing rendition!

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