O aggelos mou – English Lyrics

The lyrics of the song O aggelos mou by Alkistis Protopsalti translated to English

Lyrics: Nikos Moraitis
Music: Stephanos Korkolis
Performed by: Alkistis Protopsalti

O Aggelos mou – English Lyrics

As the hands were swaddled in the body
and as the night was breaking into stars
I had touched your heart in fear
I love you

And as the stars were falling on ground
and as the bodies were falling on earth
I only found one word to tell you
I love you

My angel, my man, my death,

You, who were turning the knife slowly (in the wound)
You, who were taking life sweetly from me

And when you were turning the knife slowly
and when you were taking my life slowly
again, I had told you only one word
I love you
and as we were fighting so, hand in hand
and as I had no more heart to hold on,
I found again a way to tell you,
I love you.

My angel…
You, who were turning (twice)

People around walk in couples
and I’m alone in a closed house
with a warm whisper on my mouth
I love you

My angel. You
My angel…

O aggelos mou 

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