Pame Hawaii – Alkestis Protopsalti

Alkestis Protopsalti sings Pame Hawaii, a funny Greek song that translates to “Let’s go to Hawaii”.

Pame Hawaii was by far the hit of last summer in Greece, although not everyone liked it, given the fact that it is sung by Alkestis Protopsalti who has a long history in quality songs. Despite the whole controversy, Pame Hawaii made a huge impact especially on the young audience and was pretty much played everywhere – in all clubs and bars in Athens, in beaches and clubs in the entire country.

Pame Hawaii, whether you like it or not, it is a song that comments on the reality of an everyday life in Greece, with a rather comic tone “Running, bills and work,Anxiety, accuracy, debts, loans”. It is a nice way to denote some things about everyday life, showing how everything has actually a better side – making you smile.

The words Tom are you home have become something like a funny slogan among the young Greeks.

Lyrics: Eleni Milioka
Music: Senneville-Toussaint & Leander Top & Pierr Baigorry
Performed by: Alkestis Protopsalti

Pame Hawaii 

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