Pano ap’ola – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Pano ap’ola by Mironas Stratis translated to English

Pano ap ola – English Lyrics

Life is  a breath
a single look
with the speed of light
and I’m running next to you
You’re here now
who knows what happens next
I wanna let myself to you
before it’s too late

I wanna feel, experience life to the bone
I wanna touch the colour of the sky at dawn
I wanna close my thought in a black box
I wanna make time run backwards
but more than anything I want you to want me
and for you to want all that I want

Jump in the fire
with open arms
our bodies go
where the heart wants
don’t ever think
how and why
it’s all here
where we live a new start


Pano ap'ola 

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