Pano ap’ola – Mironas Stratis

Mironas Stratis sings Pano ap’ola, a Greek song that means More than anything in English. It’s a nice and dynamic love song, very popular among young Greeks right now. Mironas Stratis is anyway a young musician who came to the Greek Music Scene and made some serious impact with his refreshing but still familiar looks and style.

“Pano ap’ ola” is a song that hits home when it comes to young people. It says in simple words what we all feel and want: ” I want you to want me”. What more can someone say when he wants to live, experience and taste everything he wants with the significant one? And since life is short and running with the speed of life, what is important is what happens now – who knows what happens next, and who really cares? In love anyway every single “now” is the most important thing. Wanting to live life to the bone along with the person you want is the biggest gift you can do to yourself and the other person as well.

Pano ap’ ola ( I want you to want me) is a song to hear and sing along loud!
Lyrics: Mironas Stratis, Vicky Gerothodorou
Music:  Mironas Stratis

Performed by: Mironas Stratis



Pano ap'ola 

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