Papaki – English Lyrics

The lyrics of the song Papaki by Haris Alexiou translated to English

Music: Nikolas Asimos
Lyrics: Nikolas Asimos
Performed by: Haris ALexiou

Papaki – English Lyrics

I have a little duck, to do to me “pa”
to do to  me “pa”, ”pa”, “pa”.
And a little rabbit,
which all the time is moving (to me) its ears.
And I don’t care
If you ‘re passing by or if you won’t talk to me ever again.
Maybe you come back
when I ‘ll have been lost
And perhaps “they” ‘ll have buried me, or
or I ‘ll have withered away.
Even if you don’t give a damn about me
and even if you got used to anything, you as well…


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