Papaki – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings Papaki, a legendary Greek song which means in English “Little Duck”.

What starts as a cute, almost childish song, makes us smile, turns into a more troubled message of the soul that doesn’t care anymore about hope. “I don’t care anymore”, Asimos said in this song stating that he is not expecting anything anymore. “Maybe you come back when I’ll be lost”…only emphasizes his voluntarily accepted despair.

There is a “papaki” (little duck) and little rabbit to make him alive, two creatures that don’t expect and don’t ask for anything. Two creatures who understand him, one to make him “pa, pa, pa”, another “moving to me its ears”.

The song is tender, dark and pessimistic at its end. A lost love, a lost interest, a lost life… Nevertheless, the story behind the song is really interesting, as Asimos, the legendary composer and songwriter wrote this song as a lullaby for his baby daughter.

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