Patoma – Tsanaklidou

Tania Tsanaklidou sings Patoma, a Greek song which means in English “Floor”.

Patoma is one of the most beloved Greek songs accepted equally by all generations. Its tender but deeply sad melody takes on you from the very beginning like waves near which “I will build my palace I will put gates with chains and peacocks”. And you travel through this desperation feeling it’s coming to your surface from the bottom of your own sea.

You feel betrayed, left, ruined, misunderstood, ignored…and you want gates around your palace of solitude, your hideout where you want to let yourself “break into pieces” like many others have already done. You don’t have a desire to rebirth, to fight “the world disabled on some marks”. You simply want to forget that world, rude and unforgiving, indifferent and strange…To ground yourself far away from everything and everyone, there where you feel safe… “to sleep on the floor, to close (your) eyes”


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