Poios na sygkrithei mazi sou – Giannis Parios

Giannis Parios sings Poios na sygkrithei mazi sou, a Greek love song which translates to “Who can be compared to you” in English

The song Poios na sygkrithei mazi sou has a notion of something absolute, which is really touching. Love can be so strong, so defining that does not allow anything to get in between, that does not allow anything else through it.

Even if the end comes, nothing could be compared to what we have lived, because that has been the ideal for us, what has managed to touch us deeper than anything else and rock our boat. Somebody could wonder why something ideal has to end, but this is a question that no one can even give an answer to.

The only thing that someone who has fallen in love knows is that sometimes it could be wrong to start a new relationship, because it would be unfair for the new one, who would be compared to that older, ideal thing. Some times relationships are beyond comparison because love has deep roots.

Giannis Parios is the ideal voice for the song Poios na sugkrithei mazi sou, because he is the singer of love in Greek music even today.




Poios na sygkrithei mazi sou 

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