Proino Tsigaro – English Lyrics

The lyrics of the song Proino Tsigaro by Haris Alexiou and Giorgos Dalaras translated to English

Proino Tsigaro – English Lyrics

The day breaks and the city is in repose.
In our neighboorhood a chimney is smoking,
and I want you, like a morning cigarette
and like bitter coffee, and like bitter coffee

The streets [are] empty, there is not a soul in sight,
and the moon has just sunk in the West,
and I am looking for you, like an inevitable solution
and like the sun rising, and like the sun rising.

The sun comes up, the radio is sounding off
with a chasapiko which cries for some Taso
And I, I make my bet with you, and afterwards, I pass,
on a hidden hand: four of a kind, four of a kind.

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