Proino Tsigaro – Haris Alexiou, Giorgos Dalaras

Haris Alexiou and Giorgos Dalaras sing the song Proino Tsigaro, which translates to “Morning Cigarette” in English. It is a very famous love song, composed by Notis Mavroudis.

There is a common misunderstanding about this song, as many people think it was composed by Manos Loizos. The main reason why they think so, is that the song was originally heard  during the live concert in 1983 to commemorate Manos Loizos who had recently passed away. The song was sung during the concert by Haris Alexiou and Giorgos Dalaras, but it’s in fact composed by Mavroudis and written by Alkis Alkaios.

Proino Tsigaro is a love song, about missing that one person that makes us happy… the person to whom we are addicted, whom who we are looking for, as if it’s a morning cigarette that we cannot do without.

It’s a song about the different feelings we might feel when in a relationship, or jut before it.. when we are still undecided and uncertain, when we want to gamble with love and go for it, but at the same time we feel as if we don’t know what to do. It’ s a very tender Greek song, marked by the voice of the two mot important singers in Greece.

Proino Tsigaro 

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