Sakis Rouvas awarded Greek of the Year

Sakis Rouvas received the award “Greek of the Year” for his humanitarian offer and help in an emotional atmosphere.

Visibly moved, Sakis Rouvas received the award for his contribution to the Association “Hope” (Elpida) during the 11th award for “Men of the Year” in Nicosia. See the moment of his award in the video posted here.

The moment of the award of Sakis Rouvas with the “Man of the Year” in Cyprus was one of the most striking and intense of the evening. The artist thanked Marianna Vardinoyannis for their cooperation, he expressed the feelings and thoughts on their common struggle to the Association “Hope”.

“I must tell you frankly that I would rather not be here today. Because if that I am here means that I have offered to children who are hospitalized and suffer together with their parents, today really I would rather not be here. Unfortunately I am here … ” The singer, emphasized how he owes a lot to Marianna Vardinoyannis as well.

He added that through the Association Hope he earns many things from the children, as a man. “I do not do anything. I gain things from these children. I take daily lessons. And I owe them great gratitude. I am not trying to play it modest. It’s true. I want to thank the Association Elpida and Mrs Vardinoyannis” he said, adding that the hospital in Athens is a sensational work.

In conclusion, Sakis Rouvas sent a message of love and optimism to all those who stand close to their fellow man, pointing out that he is nothing exceptional.

“I also understand that in fact you do not want to reward me, but the offer of all these people who really stand for those in need. This is the example you give. I know. That’s just what I am also trying to do from my side. Together we can do a lot. Especially in these times that are very difficult for us all. ” said Sakis Rouvas, proving that he was the ideal choice for the “Greek of the Year” award.

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