Sakis Rouvas awarded Greek of the Year

Sakis Rouvas received the award “Greek of the Year” for his humanitarian offer and help in an emotional atmosphere. Visibly moved, Sakis Rouvas received the award for his contribution to the Association “Hope” (Elpida) during the 11th award for “Men … Read more

First picture of Rouvas’ son

The first picture of Rouvas junior is out ! A few days ago, Sakis Rouvas with his beloved Katia Zygouli and their two children went for a walk close to their home in Nea Makri (40km away from Athens). Αs … Read more

Sakis Rouvas gets emotional with his son

Sakis Rouvas got emotional with his newborn son! The fourth member of Rouvas’ family came to this world a few days ago, since Katia Zigouli, the wife of Sakis Rouvas gave birth to their son with a Ceasarian section. Sakis … Read more

X Factor USA interested in Sakis Rouvas

Is the American X Factor interested in Sakis Rouvas? According to a news post that referred to the conference of journalists with the manager Giorgos Leventis, it seems that X Factor USA officials have been following Sakis Rouvas in the … Read more

Hronia Polla – Sakis Rouvas

Sakis Rouvas sings Hronia Polla, a Greek song that is also known as “Hristougenna” – which translates to Christmas in English. This song could easily be considered a love song, however, as many songs in Greek music, it also has … Read more

Sakis Rouvas at Eurovoice 2010

Sakis Rouvas will appear at the Eurovoice 2010 song Contest that takes place in Athens on September 23rd. The Greek superstar confirmed his participation in this music event and will appear on stage to present a unique show. What is … Read more

Spase to hrono – Sakis Rouvas

Sakis Rouvas sings the song “Spase to hrono”, a Greek song which means Break the time. “Spase to hrono” is a rhythmic and dynamic song, which reflects Sakis passion and style. Spase to hrono is a song composed by Dimitris … Read more

A Balkan Music Award for Sakis Rouvas

Sakis Rouvas has received an International Award, at the Balkan Music Award for the Best Balkan Song from Greece. The Balkan Music Awards is a new institution,  held on May 16th, by the Balkanika Music Television. Sakis Rouvas has received … Read more

Tharros i alitheia – Tamta, Sakis Rouvas

Sakis Rouvas and Tamta sing the song Tharros i Alitheia, which means “Dare or Truth” in English. Tharos i Alitheia is a Greek song which reminds us of the game we used to play like kids, “truth or dare”. It … Read more

Irthes – Sakis Rouvas

Sakis Rouvas sings “Irthes” a lovely Greek song about love, which translates to “You came” in English. Opposite from most Greek songs that talk about losses, pain, loneliness, problems in relationships, infidelity and other similar nice things, Irthes is a … Read more

Kai se thelo – Sakis Rouvas

Sakis Rouvas sings Kai se thelo, a Greek Song which means “And I want you” in English. Sakis sings one of his favorite genres, a dance and hype song, dances and provokes glances. And why not? He has the looks … Read more

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