Skoni kai thrypsala – Stefanos Korkolis

Stefanos Korkolis sings Skoni kai thrypsala, a Greek song which translates to “Dust and Pieces” in English.

Skoni kai thrypsala is composed by Stefanos Korkolis himself and the lyrics are written by Evi Droutsa.

Korkolis is definitely one of the most talented Greek composers, who can also sing his songs perfectly. Skoni kai thrypsala is the ideal example, since it asks for the passion and strength that Korkolis adds to his songs.

Skoni kai thrypsala is a song about breaking up and break free. Sometimes time comes to tell us that enough is enough; no more words need to be spoken, no more changes and compromises can be demanded.

Sometimes in a relationship people are not ready to accept the other as he is, not asking him to change. They cannot think that love is all about acceptance, and when things are not coming their way they simply cannot put up with that: “you found me like that, why keep talking now”? The only solution then is making everything dust and pieces, before seeing ourself becoming so.

Skoni kai thrypsala is a song that was translated to Italian as well and was called Polvere e cocci, and Korkolis performed it with a famous Italian singer in an equally dynamic way.

Skoni kai thrypsala 

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