Sta limania – Natasha Theodoridou

Natasha Theodoridou sings Sta limania, a Greek song which means “At the ports”. The song Sta limania is one of the songs that stood out from the soundtrack from the movie Touch of Spice (in Greek Politiki Kouzina).

Ta limania, the movie song, reflects the general atmosphere of the movie, which is inevitably nostalgic and sweet, referring to the lost homeland for many Greeks, who were deported from Instanbul in the 70s. The music and the tender lyrics create a rather soul touching result, making you feel really nostalgic about a time, an Era, a love, a person, a feeling.

The great success of the song is that it’s a love song, with a strong personal nuance that makes it very gentle and warm. One of the great surprises for us all when the song was released, was that it was performed by Natasha Theodoridou, who was rather limited to laika songs so far, avoiding some more artistic and slow types of the Greek Music. She managed to dress the lyrics with tenderness and a very affectionate and delicate voice, making a huge difference from the rest of her repertoire.

Sta limania 

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