Strose to stroma sou – English Lyrics

The lyrics of the song Strose to stroma sou by Nikos Kourkoulos translated to English

Strose to stroma sou – English Lyrics

Dark is the road of my journey
until I get to meet you
come show yourself midway to me
my hand to you I’ll offer

Prepare the mattress for the two of us

for you and me
and let us fall in each other’s arms
to resurrect it all again

I hugged you and you hugged me too
you took me and I took you
I disappeared into your eyes
your destiny and your fate

In the familiar neighborhoods
lonely I stroll now begging
and what I tossed away with you
I go around collecting

Strose to stroma sou 

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  1. I spent two years in Crete 1965/1967 thanks to the U S Air Force. I’m Croatian but I fell in love with the people of Greece. I sent my Croatian Father an album of Greek songs. Strose to Stroma Sou was by far his favorite, he would always want me to explain the words while the tears came to his eyes.

    In closing, I’ll never forget evening when my wife and I were listening to two greek musicians in Canaves Oia, a few years back. I asked them if they would play and sing Strose to Stroma Sou; they nodded, “yes”. When the evening was over I thanked them for playing the song. They said, “thank you for remembering”.

    This song still brings tears to this Croatian’s eyes.


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