Tipota – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Tipota by Giannis Kotsiras translated to English

Tipota – English lyrics

Only silence
that is what is left of us
since all is now lost
And that “why”
which got left over somewhere
behind pursed lips

Too bad it’s late and we didn’t make it
one more hug and a “sorry”
Too bad it’s late and now we know
how a great love ends

Nothing. There is no voice in my mouth anymore
Nothing for me to tell you
Today that the body turned back to soil,
today I still search to find out “why”

What word should I tell you
I can’t come up with anything
since I still say
“I love you”…

With our arms spread we will hand back
our stolen dreams
And if our hearts want us to regret
Our tear-filled eyes will say it


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