Tipota – Giannis Kotsiras

Giannis Kotsiras sings Tipota , a lovely Greek song which translates to “Nothing” in English.

Tipota with Kotsiras is a song about the aftermath of loss of love; there is nothing left, only silence. Sometimes, a hug, a smile and a “sorry” can make a huge difference, saving a relationship. But when these words are never spoken, later on when loss is evident, you are left thinking why..why you never said something that could have changed the course of things.

Breaking up is never fun. The end of a relationship means the beginning of a period of mourning and healing for both people. If the break up was mutual both people will experience a period of adjustment where they are getting used to no longer being together. If the break up was not mutual the person who ended things may be dealing with guilt and feelings that they may have made a mistake.

Nothing. There is no voice in my mouth anymore
Nothing for me to tell you…

It can be very painful to think that you could have changed things but you did not. And later there is nothing else to say, because you fall short of words.

Tipota with Giannis Kotsiras is a very emotional song, performed by a very emotional singer, with a tender voice. The music of the song is composed by Antonis Mintzelos and the lyrics are written by Eleni Zioga.


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