To hastouki tis agapis – Giannis Ploutarchos

Giannis Ploutarchos sings the song To hastouki tis agapis, a Greek song which translates to ” The Slap of Love” in English. It is a love song for the sorrow that comes with dying love. The slap of life makes us bleed and hurt, our days are meaningless, our life seems like a shipwreck.

Giannis Ploutarchos has associated his name with songs about ruined loves and doomed love; the song To hastouki tis agapis reminds us how badly we can miss the person we love. That we might be smiling when among other people, but then suffer when alone, when missing that person is so probing and imposing.

As Ploutarchos says in his song, the sorrow of love can make you feel like a sinking ship, a ship lost in the storm of the lost love.

The slap of love kills our pride, makes our heart begging for love to come back, to bring the light and save our loving souls from the darkness of loneliness.

To hastouki tis agapis 

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